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Private jet rental: wide choice of private jets

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Because your time is precious, our private jet rental service on the French Riviera and the French Riviera offers unique flexibility and speed.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, E-noemi manages your transport in full and in the utmost confidentiality. The objective: to offer you a tailor-made service combining comfort and safety.


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Why should you choose E-noemi for your private jet rental?

  • The route and the schedules are established according to your schedule. A mishap? E-noemi adjusts everything, according to your new imperatives!
  • E-noemi chooses the most reliable private jets and sends you clear offer details.
  • Our team take care of all the administrative formalities.
  • On board, an experimented crew will welcome you and answer to all your requests. Objective: to offer you a pleasant journey.
  • No call center! You have only one contact.

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And to go farther, E-noemi takes care of your hotel / villa / offices transfer. We remain at your full disposal for any further inquiry.

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