MICE & Businesses, business jets to rent

E-Noemi specializes in private flights for companies.

Whether for meetings, seminars, conferences or events, E-Noemi is the partner of companies for the leasing of private planes.

Need a business jet or a commercial aircraft exclusive to your business, need to realize an impossible flight on a regular basis, avoid waiting in airports or time uncertainty, need a personalized service In an air terminal and in the airplane, of a catering on board? We will answer every request.

E-Noemi is a specialist in air chartering (private jets, airliners), but also a supervisor on the ground and in the air. We follow all operations as close as possible so that each passenger travels comfortably: coordination, fast boardings and landing, luggage logistics, personalized catering.

E-Noemi allows companies and their passengers to always travel in the best airline and at the best rates: private jet, turboprop, airliner, or VIP plane.

The advantages of a flight with E-Noemi:

  • · Flight management service, with a single point of contact
  • · Aircraft charter adapted to your needs: size, autonomy, availability, cost
  • · Choice from a wide range of aircraft, from the smallest to the largest aircraft on the market
  • · Total privatization of aircraft· Hours adapted to your needs, and permanent flexibility
  • · Few baggage restrictions· Ground Operational Supervisor: reception, coordination, luggage management, security, customs, immigration
  • · Flight Operational Supervisor: standard or custom catering, specific services, VIP management
  • · Possibility of privatized departure and / or arrival terminal

To learn more and receive a quotation, contact E-Noemi on +33 6 51 37 08 00 and / or contact@enoemi.com