Facilitator of life, E-noemi is the personnal assistant you were looking for!

Unforeseen, punctual need, special event… Don’t waste your time searching any longer; E-noemi is more than a luxury concierge. Since (année), it offers you a wide range of personalized services. From the luxury car/private jet/yacht rental to the organization of your private parties, our team meets all your needs.

Easily reachable and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, E-noemi responds confidentially to every request. Thanks to its detailed knowledge of yours preferences, it can provide tailor-made care and exceed your expectations to allow you to concentrate on what is the most essential for you.

Our +

  • Operating essentially on the French Riviera (Nice, Cannes, Monaco), E-noemi can also accompany you everywhere you go!
  • Revive, our team ensures to meet our commitments. Thanks to its experiences and our providers ‘network, it insures you a personalized solution, within the time limits allowed.

Why should you choose E-noemi for your private jet/luxury car/yacht rental?

  • I wish I could improve the quality of my life.
  • I want to have more spare time for my work, my family, my leisure activities…
  • I don’t want any more to juggle between private life and professional life.
  • I would like to benefit from personalized services

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